Aug 30, 2019

👒 ~ (DK) Henriette Zobels selskab under tvangsopløsning (Ekstra Bladet) ~ | .. (ENG) Henriette Zobels company is supervised and under compulsory dissolution for cheating with 2 million unpaid taxes from her spiritual retreat center .. | Blogger: Oh My Freaking God! 😲... Verdensalt is NOT trying to be 'mean', personally or disrespectful of the so-called "spiritual community" of Denmark... WHEN HKH Prince Henrik of Denmark was alive, Frau Zobel, continued to post Instagram pictures of her dearest friend, Prince Henrik - 'I stand against all the authorities' (double standards and not deeper spirituality)... 🙇 I'm so sorry to say this, before we come to any conclusions about Zobel's company bankruptcy, or why she picked an non-spiritual partner (tobacco heir Erik Stener Færch, whose father created millions on shares from the current Scandinavian Tobacco Company, that kills people), which is not of my concern, but here on the verdensalt channel, i'll tell it straight to your face and i'm NOT scared to let down my guard and open up to my significant other... For me, (people will be upset now) for me, Zobel, is a bankrupted, alcoholized condemn, traumatized, depressed, heart- broken, glamorous, mysterious, spiritual self programmed jet-set adventurer - yet another innocent spiritual 'figurehead' (pretender) like so many, many other hollywood wives (forsidefruerne)... (I have to get something off my chest, perhaps you can help me❓) -- I just don't get this - every time i'll visited, lets say, places like The Health Fairs and the Universe of Mysticism (Krop-Sind-Ånd Helsemesserne) i see these types of 'women' living in glamour and luxury, (born with a silver spoon up the arse) attending these events, like it was some sought of Lifestyle Magazines (Bo Bedre) to meet other Hollywood Wives, but do they KNOW what's it like to live outside the 3-D matrix of illusion? With no work, no money, spiritual 'naked' from any negative attachments, de-traumatized, to counter ones ego that deploys unconscious defense mechanisms, letting go of materialism, facing fear for a true spiritual awakening? I think not... AND of course, there is no recipe - everyone has their own spiritual path and that makes us unique and special. No one can be better in being you then you, because no one has your history, your genes, your parents, experiences or failures. It is up to you what you make of it... All i'm saying is, be authentic, be honest, truthful to yourselves, don't be like Frau Zobel, a part of Denmark's rich jetsetters, cheating taxes on spiritual retreats, an mindfulness of honey trapping, similar to Pernille Sams (Real estate agency for rich people) and reiki master, who i meet on one of my courses and people gotten embarrassingly starstruck by meeting their favorite celebs, i actually quit the course, because of the spiritual numbnessess, the rich and famous attitude that many danes, have in their blood. There's so incredible many alternative healers in Denmark, but the questions is, can they fix themselves, before they're able to fix others?🤔... ANYWAYS, peace and out.. |


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