Nov 20, 2018

Universe Inside You | ~ The Akashic Records: Unlimited Universal Knowledge ~ | Blogger: As i understand it, there are the higher or Greater Akashic, and the lower or Lesser Akashic records. In the Lesser Akashic, every thought, feeling and expression of consciousness expressed upon the Earth (those of the planetary consciousness) is recorded and compiled according to the intensity level they find within the souls of Earth who produce them (could be world’s religions, common issues of survival, and politics, illusions that are born of mass belief systems etc). The Greater Akashic, does not actually store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul. The purest knowledge-forms from the Lesser Akashic are translated into highly defined ‘Light Inscriptions,’ which are then ‘flamed,’ or inscribed, into the heart of each crystal in the Greater Akashic field of the Recorder Cell..(..) - read more on ..|

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