Nov 20, 2018

RT | ~ Russian cosmonauts will walk on the moon in early 2030s ~ | .. Russian cosmonauts will set foot on the moon for the first time in the early 2030s as part of an ambitious project to set up a base on the surface of Earth’s satellite, a roadmap by Russia’s spacecraft maker, Energia, revealed .. | Blogger: Re-he-he-heally?๐Ÿ˜‰... Yarn... Okay, let me get this straight... So, when Agenda 21/2030 will take its roots for evil intentions on Earth, Russia, who also have a Secret Space Program, in like, 80 years or so, wish to visit the Artificial Moon, which can be done by a blink of a eye, through teleportation devices, that the military already has in their possession and going to hook up with extraterrestrial life which they have already traded with and cover-up again, the structures allegedly built on the dark side of the Moon... C'MON... |


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