Oct 24, 2018

Steve Nobel | Oct 24, 2018 | ~ Affirmations: Soul Purpose, Life Mission and Global Service ~ | ~ The I Am Pillar of Light Transmission: Clear, Seal and Protect Your Energetic Space ~ | .. Listen to this meditation track on affirmations for life direction-purpose. Download and play this track often to reprogramme your unconscious mind with new possibilities .. | Blogger: 💌Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations for everyday life. It's important to keep your soul mission balanced and to feed your spirit in the correct way. To be in charge of how you feel in any given day, you choose happiness, lovingly acting and keeping your own inner heart chakra promise and desire. To be content, confident and thrive with trust from your intuition, believing, listening to your higher self, be aware of infinite creativity of soul presence and higher purpose and path of sending out and receiving LOVE. You're now creating or manifesting a life from the inside out... 👀💗🤳... |

Your true direction in life, also known as your soul mission, is not necessarily your occupation but will often include this. Your soul mission is unique to you. This mission is not about possessions, status or money. Your mission is about who you are as well as what you are doing in the world. Your mission connects you with your Higher Self, your Divine Spirit. It does not matter where you are in life or what has happened to you, it is never too late to get on track. This will require a certain amount of reprogramming any unconscious beliefs you may have (which is why I created this meditation track). Choosing to know and follow your purpose will certainly challenge you yet it will also evoke gifts and talents you never knew existed before making this journey.