Sep 11, 2018

The Big Wobble | Sep 11, 2018 | ~ Hurricane Florence strengthening as it barrels toward the Carolinas: Nearly two million people have been issued an evacuation order ~ | Blogger: We should give our loving prayers to remove the evil eye of tropical storms.... Japan has being hit by Jongdari and Jebi, worst in country's history. Recent Gordon, now Florence, Helene, Isaac in US and Olivia in Hawaii. Yes it’s hurricane season, but Florence is going to be devastating (2 million to flee). David Wilcock saying it’s HAARP directly straits for Washington DC. India floods 400 dead and 1.2 million displaced. These many tropical storms are for sure, affecting us all. Let’s sent prayers out to all the affected areas in the world, where people are suffering and worse... ❤️💜💚💙💗😇🙌👼🏻🙏☄️💥🌪💦☔️... |