Sep 11, 2018

TolecfromDakote | Sep 11, 2018 | Andromeda Council | ~ Tolec, Allison Coe, pre conference teaser, The Great Awakening ~ | Blogger: [Rarely video picture of Tolec] ... (outside these videos) -- Got my first intuitive understanding about Nordic Alien Ancestors by Tolec during my visit to Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Summer Conference in Mt. Shasta 2015. He's real, a great guy and very enlighten being... My wish is to meet-up with Allison Coe and attend her Quantum Healing Hypnosis or just talk to her... |

Tolec of the Andromeda Council, of the planet - Dakote, star system - Taygeta, constellation - Pleiades got us all enchanted with knowledge off this world. Not many people know who Tolec is. Meet him at Mt Shasta conference in 2015. Make no mistake, Tolec is very real and very informed and connected person like Alex Collier. Have seen several people on the net trying to frame him as a nutcase or worse - part of Draco or even Cabal. Tolec is one of the good guys, if you ask me. He's on many hosted show like Simon ParkesOpen Your Mind radio. Tolec has lots of information about Nordic aliens or The Tall White Nordics. 

Allison Coe. My name is Allison and I'm a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner living in Portland, OR, USA. I do hypnosis and dream interpretations. I set up this channel to share portions of my QHHT sessions that I deem beneficial to the public, and dreams that are sent to me from all over the world that I have interpreted. For more information on Quantum Healing Hypnosis please visit my website at - I'd love to answer any of your questions.