Sep 8, 2018

Sputniknews | Sep 8, 2018 | ~ Chemical Weapons Provocation in Syria to Start September 8 - Russian MoD ~ | ~ Terrorists & White Helmets met in Idlib to prep for final stage false flag chem attack – Russian MoD ~ | .. Terrorists in the rebel-held Syrian city of Idlib have almost completed their preparations for a provocation involving chemical weapons, chief spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense Major General Igor Konashenkov stated Saturday .. |

The full readiness of all participants involved in carrying out staged provocations should be ensured by the evening of September 8. The signal for the beginning of the practical phase of the terrorists' provocation in the province of Idlib will be a special team from some ‘foreign friends of the Syrian revolution'," Konashenkov said, adding that the Ministry would be monitoring terrorist activities in the region.
Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Tahrir al-Sham* terrorists were preparing a provocation in Syria's western Idlib province in order to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons against civilians, while the UK, the US and France said in August that they "will respond appropriately to any further use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime."

*Tahrir al-Sham (also known as Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Nusra Front) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.