Sep 8, 2018

collective-evolution | Sep 8, 2018 | ~ Illuminati Pedophilia: Attempts To Normalize Sex Between Adults And Children (Part 2) ~ | Blogger: [👦YES DISTURBING, BUT OLD GEORGIE SPEAKS THE TRU TRU👧] ... (⚜️Sorry, we need to talk about PedoGate STARS & Illuminati PEDOPHILE Agenda. They call it; Hillary's #Pay-to-Play, Podesta's #Pizzagate, #Spirit-cooking of secretly shady occult sexual acting. The taboo that continues to grow and cannot be silenced. The pictures below, speaks for itself 😶) ... Just to take one example - Entertainment Industry References - provocative tattoo on the arm of Stevie O of ‘Jackass’ fame: of him rapping a baby...😤... 💨PS: NOW -- Is Ariana Grande in the Illuminati?... Yes (Illuminati Watcher).. The rapper Mac Miller dead after drug overdose and was known for dating Ariana Grande (The reported death comes in wake of Mac Miller’s breakup with pop singer Ariana Grande - RT)... Why did he have to die? Your guess is as good as mine, but something fishy going on. Perhaps Mac Miller withhold intel on the sexting or pedophilia global network and got upset about Bill Clinton ‘ogling’ Ariana Grande at funeral & Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, for groping on her.!? (Beta Sex Kitten - Monarch Mind Control Programming) ... 💧PSS: (let me share some personal stuff with you guys) - Went to my Holistic doctor (he's much, much more than that) and I was infact fearful (revengeful) infested from a 300 plus year old karma block (let's call it that for now). 5th chakra throat = 5th lifetime on Earth. I was living in Australia, could have been when Captain Cook 'discovered' the south east coast of Australia in 1770, but was not affected by British ruling of the prison island (elite ruling class - British settlement of Australia & mother country needed another repository for transported convicts previously sent to the North American colonies)... Anyways was a white bloke, living a normal life, with my boy and girl, at that time. My boy was Sexual Molested.. So for 300 years, my emotional feeling center, surrounding my Aura (let's call it that) has been revengeful about my boy, being taken away from me, and sexual abused or worse... THAT'S NOT WHY, i'll keep writing about the secret #GlobalPedoGate... finds is horrible and treacherous, that some (out of reach Sociopaths) finds its 'natural' to keep having sex with minors, kids and babies AND IT MUST BE STOPPED... |


  • The Facts: There appears to be attempts from several sides of the spectrum to normalize pedophilia and bring social acceptance to pedophiles.
  • Reflect On: Are the efforts to humanize pedophiles and bring more acceptance to pedophilia honest attempts to de-stigmatize innocent victims of this mental disorder, or is it part of a larger and much more sinister Illuminati plan to advance our enslavement?


VERY disturbing and sad news about child sex abuses in Australia, New Zealand, UK etc. ...😣 |