Sep 8, 2018

MATT ROGERS | Sep 8, 2018 | ~ REAL EVIDENCE OF THE CHANGES ~ | Blogger: 🌈🌁🌣Undeniable proof of so-called Contrails, indeed what they are, Chemtrails. A chemical substance, spraying in Earth's atmosphere, to hide our 'normal' Yellow Sun, (now White). Boost wifi with aluminum (like Aluminium Foil), Nanoparticles, Nanobots and Smart Dust, entering our body and much worse things… Use of HAARP for weather modification, weather manipulations and weather derivatives. Solar radiation management projects (SRMGI) to keep the important sunlight out, and universe healing tachyonic particles (Etheric Archon Grid, also block out tachyons)... Global water grabbing (GWG) for desert farming and climate control as WMD of “Goephysical Warfare“, but climate control as the main reason for the development of nuclear energy!... Dear readers, the monster may not like to be named like that, but other creative names exist: . Solar Radiation Management Governance (SRMG) . Earth System Governance (ESG) . Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG) .Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) . New World Order (NWO) – At least this may wake up some people!... Look at the picture, and listen to the video, to learn more.. 💭 PS: Why they're ionizing the skies like HELL these days, is because of preparation of the military arm of the Cabal and 5G, (Scalar energy & DEW) which is ALREADY READY FOR FULL IMPLEMENTATION IN DENMARK... |