Sep 10, 2018

Rumor Mill News \\ Joseph Tittel | Sep 10, 2018 | ~ CGI's Sophie: Message from Mother Earth ~ |

From CGI member Sophie:


I've transcribed the video - see below.
Clif High has predicted that there will be earthquakes which impact the D.U.M.B.s and human ants will be running out of them.
Mother Earth's Prophecy Message
Published on Aug 13, 2018
Mother Earth’s Prophecy Message.

While in meditation for his 2018 predictions, Spiritual Medium Joseph Tittel was shocked when he made a direct connection with our Mother Earth and she spoke to him.

She gave Joseph the following message for humanity.
Please tell my children who make my body their only home:
My children fear not my wrath. 
For only those who fear are those responsible for the cancerous diseases that have been brought upon my body and have awoken me from my deep sleep.
And it is those who caused this harm, who must now suffer ten times the suffering they bestowed upon me and my children.
They've known I would awaken in time and even attempted to prepare for my coming by digging deeply into my body - the caverns in which they think they can hide.
Now that I am awake, there will be no hiding.
You will be found and yanked from your caverns.
I shall show you all by pointing to their hiding places, using my four elements.
en from the deep sleep and the control of the masculine dark forces, as I am awakening.
Yes, my children, finally together we shall identify the cancer causing elements and clear them with my elements.
May you stand together with your Mother Earth to take out those causes and together, you shall heal as I heal myself. 
Tell the children of the Earth to embrace my energies.
Embrace the feminine goddess energy and embrace love for one another and all of my creatures. 
Those who do not, will no longer be welcome to live in my home.
I ensure that when all the healing is complete, once again both masculine and feminine energies can flow together 
Once again in complete balance, like that of the dark and light.
So together we may celebrate for a thousand years, living in balance and enjoying the beauty of life you have been handed by our Divine Creator.
For such a short, short time, honour yourself, your sisters, your brothers, all my creatures and most importantly, honour your elders and honour me.
 Your Mother, Mother Earth