Jun 14, 2018

The Earth Plan | June 14, 2018 | Miss M & Lightstar | ~ Medical Mediumship, and the Galactics Prepare Us For Summertime Massive Cosmic Waves ~ |

Admittedly, I wasn't really paying too much attention in the first half, but did perk up later on. Some sketchy notes below, including some information Miss M brings in about another "major wave" expected in July.

What I really like is Miss M's advice ~ instead of asking "Why am I here?" we can ask "How can I serve?" to better answer ourselves.

There isn't really any "new" news in this discussion, but it was nice to hear information that is fairly congruent with other sources I follow. The part about a "major wave" coming in mid-July also echoes some whisperings (for now that is, I'm sure they will become much louder in the coming days) in Cyberspace currently. As always, Higher Guidance please.

  • Miss M was initiated by Beings from Inner Earth
  • She's part of the Earth Alliance and works with the High Council, Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation 
  • Solar energy is Divine Intelligence, its energies enables us to integrate more with our Higher Self
  • Schumann Resonance was fairly static at 7.84 Hz but now easily much higher, this is evidence of the energetics shifts in Planetary Vibrations
  • Major wave coming, perhaps in mid-July; we will receive upgrades and higher abilities
  • Energetic fallout for those not prepared
  • We will be shifting dimensions more and more over the next 6 months
  • These energies are transforming us to be Who We Really Are.