Jun 14, 2018

The Common Sense Show | June 14, 2018 | ~ False Flags Are Coming Before the Midterm Elections-The Empire Will Strike Back ~ |

Many Germans claim that Merkel’s done more damage to Germany than Hitler. Her globalist policies have created a massive transfer of wealth from the German middle class to the immgrants that are overruning Germany. The G7 expects Trump to do the same to America. The German people are frustrated with globalism. Finally, the German people are saying “Enough is Enough”. This is only part of the suffering that Germany is going through. Merkel represents a world view of totalitariansim right out of the Bilderberg and the G7. Trump stands in the way as does the defiance of the American people. What has Trump done to draw the ire of the New World Order? What has te average American done to draw the wrath of the globalists?
The empire, so to speak, cannot win the next election. Barring a miracle, the Democrats and the #nevertrumpers are done! Anti-Trump candidates are getting destroyed in their own primaries. The empire is unquestionably on the run, but it is ready to strike back. Trump and his allies (average American citizens) have the evil globalists on the run. Only Trump stands between the globalists and complete New World Order dominance.
  • Trump and his supportera have done the following that has drawn the ire of the globalists:
  • Peace is breaking out in Korea
  • The globalist-motivated war with Russia over Syria and Iran has not begun.
  • American manufacturing is revitalized.
  • American employment is at a 2 decade high.
  • American factories are reopening.
  • Trump is removing America from bad trade deals that only benefit the globalists
  • Trump is dismantling Obamacare, piece by piece.
  • Trump has provided increased security on the border.
  • Trump is building up the military
  • The Republican, pro-Trump candiidates are sweeping the primary elections.
  • And the one thing that globalists fear the most, Trump is prosecuting an increasing number of child sex-trafficking rings.
Despite the fact that the Deep State and the globalists are on the run, the New World Order will strike back. What will the America do when the empire strikes back?

How will the empire strike back? Will it be an EMP? A chemical and biological attack? An artificial food shortage? A currency collapse? World War III?

Are you ready? Anyone who is not prepping today is a fool.

Here is what to expect when the Globalists strike back.