Jun 12, 2018

Dagens.dk | 12. Juni 2018 | ~ Lars Løkke udstillet med kokain: Narko-billede går nettet rundt ~ | (In English:) - Awkward party photo-op with tourists and party pooper, Prime Minister of Denmark in Tivoli Gardens amusement park, goes viral on the internet, with a bag of cocaine hanging over the PM's head .. | Blogger: COINCIDENCE??🤔.. Communication advisor in the company 'FRIDAY', Mikael Baden; "If it were the case that he had been challenge by bystanders, where did his bodyguards go? It is great that Lars Løkke insists on being close to all people, but then his 'people' (A security detail, or PET) and the system behind him, must find a form to meet the danish citizens, without ending in a situation, where he feels assaulted. The security of a prime minister must not be compromised. Something has gone wrong. " (BT.dk) ... |

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