Jun 12, 2018

OOM2 \\ Disclosed TruthTV | Feb 9, 2018 | ~ Human Hybrids Are Real Must See Transhumanism DOCUMENTARY ~ | Blogger: [πŸ™ˆ extremely disturbing facts πŸ™‰ you wish you didn't know πŸ™Š] ... |

This documentary shows modern man has technology to create unimaginable race of human hybrids. When man tries to play God some odd things begin to happen. What is transhumanism? Tom Horn is a good authority to find out! Today we have the technology to go beyond any limitation … nanotechnology, biotechnology, neuroscience, informatics … all of these knowledge fields will soon converge. Using Darwinian principles to “improve” mankind is founded on the understanding that man has evolved over millions of years and that therefore we were less or “sub” human in the past. Then, logically we will evolve into something more/better or “post human” in the future. The concept that we can assist our evolution through scientific means isn’t new and is unfortunately gaining widespread popularity.