May 30, 2018

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The negative plasma Octopus connected to the Earth. It is a being made of plasma energy. One of the fallen angels on Earth mentioned in the Scriptures. It’s kind of chief to the Archons. It controls humanity using most of the plasma of our Solar System.
This entity came from a particular sector of the Andromeda galaxy, and, through Orion, eventually ended up in this solar system and our Planet. This plasma entitiy is slowly disintegrating, or rather transformed into pure light, as the Light Forces are proceeding to dismantle/deactivate it.

04-05-2018 – Getting Closer

Finally another little step toward the final transmutation of the beloved Yalda!! We are getting closer and closer, even if at a small pace we are finally getting there πŸ™‚ Go in Peace Yalda!
Once completed the removal of all Tentacles and the Head we will be ready for The Event. Generally, as you can see from the history, small steps were made almost every day, lately the situation has changed though, small steps in relatively long period of linear time.