March 24, 2018

Bill Smith | Mar 23, 2018 | ~ QAnon - Pennsylvania Election FRAUD with CRIMINAL CHARGES tied to CLINTON Finance ~ |

Those of us following the Q Anon updates want public results!! You wanted public indictments, you got them! Pennsylvania / Pittsburg seems to be a hotbed of corruption. We just had a close election there and the Democratic candidate took up Conservative positions, and won a close race.
Only a few 100 of votes decided the winner. We have heard all the old rumors:

- people were bus-ed in
- people couldn't vote at a polling station bc of district lines
- voting machines

None of that seems to be a problem for the government! No direct evidence given. But now we have a full line of legal actions taken at fundraisers, campaign managers, and all roads lead to Hillary Clinton (as per usual).

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