Nov 26, 2017

AINA weekly News Digest | Assyrian International News Agency | Nov 26, 2017 | Blogger: Why is this important? -- For me, at least, AINA is the unfiltered, uncensored, real and reliable news-outlet from reporters, directed and based in Syria, ""Ground Zero"". Is this based on facts? I strongly believe that, but we sure as hell don't NEED to trust ONLY what the Western media outlets are telling us. Right? Please note, i'm sorry to say this again, many people are not able to contemplate the facts from a consensus reality; Federal Reserve, the UN, the EU, the ICC, the WHO, the OECD, the CFA, the IMF, the World Bank, and NATO etc. are part of the Evil-Cabalish-Globalist-Power-Elite-Hidden-Hand agenda... |

AINA News Digest

001 11/25/2017 Countering Genocide: The Importance of Prayer and Aid for the Persecuted
002 11/25/2017 5 Genocides That Are Still Going on Today
003 11/25/2017 The Challenges Faced By Persecuted Religious Groups
004 11/25/2017 What is the Future of the Syrian Democratic Forces?
005 11/24/2017 Security Forces Regain Control of 45 Villages in Anti-IS Offensive in Western Iraq
006 11/24/2017 Pope Meets Dialogue Commission With Assyrian Church of the East
007 11/24/2017 US to Stop Arming Syrian Kurdish Fighters, Says Turkey
008 11/24/2017 Russian Bombers Hit Islamic State Targets in Syria
009 11/24/2017 Christian Disappearances in Middle East to Get Spotlight At DC Conference
010 11/24/2017 Turkey Does Not Rule Out Possible Contact With Assad
011 11/24/2017 No Place for YPG in Syria Solution: Erdo?an
012 11/24/2017 UN Urges Iraq to Probe Troop Violations During Fight With ISIS
013 11/24/2017 What It's Going to Take to Rebuild Syria and Iraq
014 11/23/2017 The Rise and Fall of Turkey's Erdogan
015 11/23/2017 Iraqi Militia Indicates Will Hand Heavy Guns to Army After Islamic State Quashed
016 11/23/2017 Turkey's Assyrians Welcome Monastery's Return
017 11/23/2017 Iraq Withdraws Controversial 'Child Marriage Law'
018 11/23/2017 ISIS Selling Sex Slaves in Turkey
019 11/23/2017 Syrians Rebuild and Rehabilitate Under Turkey's Watchful Eye
020 11/23/2017 Lost and Found: the Assyrian Fortress
021 11/23/2017 Syria's Opposition, Divided and Varied, to Get a New Face
022 11/23/2017 Russia, Turkey and Iran Propose Conference on Postwar Syria's Future
023 11/23/2017 Violence Against Christians a Sign of Trouble in Egypt

024 11/23/2017 Iraqi Archaeological Hotspots Revived, But Vulnerable
025 11/23/2017 Egyptian Law Needs to Be Better Enforced to Protect Christians
026 11/23/2017 U.S. Rejects Kurdistan's Call for Special Mediation With Iraq on Referendum
027 11/23/2017 Kremlin Says Syrian National Dialogue Congress Must Be Inclusive
028 11/22/2017 U.S. Moves Toward Open-ended Presence in Syria After Islamic State is Routed
029 11/22/2017 Knights of Columbus to Raise Awareness for Persecuted Christians in Iraq, Syria
030 11/22/2017 Origins of Ordinary Things: Eyewear
031 11/22/2017 Assyrians Urge U.S. and Iraq to Prevent Genocide
032 11/22/2017 Iraq Attacks At Lowest Since IS 'Caliphate' Declared: Study
033 11/22/2017 Syrian Kurdish YPG Accuses Turkey of Afrin Aggression
034 11/21/2017 Iraq Relocates Wives and Children of Suspected ISIS Militants to Baghdad
035 11/21/2017 Campus' Assyrian Trailblazing Movement Leads to New Assyrian Course
036 11/21/2017 On Surprise Russia Trip, Assad and Putin Talk Post-War Syria
037 11/21/2017 Turkey's Press Freedoms Shattered As Erdo?an Imposes Control
038 11/20/2017 Iran-Backed Forces Persecuting Assyrians Who Survived ISIS: Kurdish Parliamentarian
039 11/20/2017 Iraq's Child Brides and the Flaws in Its Democracy
040 11/20/2017 Turkish and Kurdish Forces Exchange Fire in Syria
041 11/20/2017 Corruption, the Second Major Challenge for Iraq
042 11/20/2017 Kurdish Parliament Speaker: Referendum Consequences Destroyed Achievements of Past 25 Years
043 11/20/2017 Women's Rights Are Under Threat in Iraq
044 11/20/2017 Turkey, Iran, Russia Strive for Syria Political Settlement
045 11/19/2017 Fear of Extinction Pushes Basra's Assyrians to Isolation
046 11/19/2017 ISIS Militants Defeated in Last Major Stronghold in Syria
047 11/19/2017 How to Avoid an ISIS 2.0 in Iraq
048 11/19/2017 Iraqi Federal Court to Issue Decision to Annul Kurdish Referendum
049 11/19/2017 Obama's Iraq Blunder Nurtured ISIS; Trump's Syria Policy Might Prevent ISIS 2.0
050 11/18/2017 Iraq's Surprise: The Persistence of Democracy
051 11/18/2017 Us State Department: Positive Discussions Held Between Erbil, Baghdad
052 11/18/2017 From Stews to Stars: the World's Oldest Writing
053 11/18/2017 Maps of Iraq Show How Much Land Was Liberated From Terrorist Group
054 11/18/2017 1,000-strong Muslim Mob Attacks Church in Egypt
055 11/18/2017 Iraqi Shepherd Bears Witness to ISIS Massacre