Nov 26, 2017

BREAKING | | Nov 25, 2017 | ISIS threaten Christmas massacre in LONDON with shock pics of SANTA being executed | Blogger: Problem-Reaction-Solution - war on Oil, Trump Fear, Gold and petrodollars - and then we also have a galactic war.. Very surprising, that TheDeepState and US Inc. (corporations) who makes billions on x-mas sale, has apparently decided to continue the FF Ops agenda. We all know that, ISIS lost Syria and Iraq. So, who really supports the ISIS mercenaries? Israel, Turkey, US, Qatar? You know, if they don't get paid = no FF ops, that's a given... Distressing images allegedly intercepted from messaging apps used by extremists have been shared by media. Festive scenes in European locations are depicted darkened by themes relating to blood-spilling attacks... I'm sorry to say it - like clockwork - well coordinated False Flag Operations happens in clusters and Kabbalah numerological order to create maximum fear, chaos and panic in people (pre-prepared for years in advance)... 1. Eight people were killed and 11 – including two children – were injured after a truck was driven into a cycleway in lower Manhattan, close to the site of the 9/11 memorial. 2. Egypt (Militants kill 305 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt's deadliest terrorist attack). 3. Oxford Street ('terror' scare in central London). 4. Suspected #ISIS members detained in Germany plotted Christmas market attack - report. 5. Fears of hooliganism, terror attacks as Russia gears up to host World Cup. 6. 'Channel of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’: Top UAE security official calls for Al Jazeera to be bombed. 6. 57 Syrian civilians reportedly killed as Assad troops, Russia attack (so they claim). 7. The danish police has found explosives in Copenhagen -- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AND BE PREPARED... |

ISIS terrorists have directly threatened to carry out a Christmas bloodbath on London’s famous Regent Street in shocking secret messages.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: London's streets will be heaving over the festive season with shoppers
REGENT STREET: ISIS have directly threatened one of London's busiest shopping streets
CHRISTMAS ATTACK: ISIS published this image threatening Regent Street on encrypted groups
According to at least two propaganda posters, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is planning attacks on cities in the UK and France