Dec 17, 2017

RT - Russia Today | Dec 16, 2017 | Pentagon sank $22mn into a secret UFO-chasing program – reports | .. The Pentagon spent $22 million to study UFOs in a 2007-12 program whose existence has been confirmed by the Department of Defense. An official formerly in charge of the program told media it remains alive to this day. The secretive program, which the US Department of Defense has been keeping under wraps, was brought to light in simultaneous reports by Politico and the New York Times on Saturday, citing interviews with people involved or with knowledge of the program, as well as contracts, and Pentagon and Congressional records .. | Blogger: There's a reason why all western massmedia outlets wants to get rid of Russian inspired and perhaps in some way, politically motivated govt controlled media like RT and Sputnik News. Because 6 media conglomerates controls everything else in the world. Let's not hope, that Disney who buys much of Fox in megamerger, will hit Fox News, with yet another censor cannon. A stunning new study shows that Fox News is more powerful than we ever imagined (perhaps they have cleaned house and ditched all the rotten eggs?)... |

UFO allegedly photographed by airliner passenger over Mexico city in the city 1950s © Global Look Press