Dec 17, 2017

Natural Blaze | Dec 11, 2017 | Celebrity Surgeon Found Dead, Knife In Chest, Investigated As Suicide | Blogger: (Yes - this is speculation - then YOU solve the 'body count' of maths problem) UPDATE ~ NOT AGAIN: See What Happened to Doctor Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption (VIDEO)... How could this happen, even when Crooked Hillary Clinton still wearing surgical boot two months after fall?? (Let's say it straight to your face - Hillary and John McCain wearing #Traitors&MurdersPedophiliaAnkleBracelets #TheFollowTheWhiteRabbit- ConspiracyIsTakingOver). During the recent promotion tour for her book “What Happened?” in Vancouver, Hillary Clinton was seen wearing a surgical boot, which may raise eyebrows as healing a broken toe usually takes no longer than 6 weeks (Hillary and Bill Clinton are connected to at least 114 strange Deaths)... |

By Natural Blaze

Just days after a Weil Cornell cancer researcher was found dead, another medical professional who also worked at Weil Cornell was found on Sunday with a fatal knife wound in the torso, but near the heart. An official ruling may not be out yet on the cause of death but it is now being investigated as an apparent suicide

Dr. Dean Lorich was father to three girls and the associate director of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

New York Daily News reports:
An acclaimed trauma surgeon was found dead, with a knife in his chest, by his 11-year-old daughter Sunday in his Park Ave. apartment, police said.
Investigators were treating the death of Dr. Dean Lorich as an apparent suicide, sources said.
“He was under some personal stress,” a police source said.
The surgeon was home with his daughter, police said, adding there were no signs of forced entry at the tony Upper East Side apartment at Park Ave. and E. 96th St.
Lorich’s wife was out at tennis when it happened and there was no suicide note. His daughter alerted the doorman for help who quickly called 911. The police responded as they would for an assault because of the description of the wounds, obviously.

However, they were swift to begin viewing the injuries as a suicide despite the oddity of them, and despite the fact they would have been inflicted by the hands of a medical professional who would be aware of all manner of injury.

Dr. Lorich has treated high profile celebrities like U2 frontman Bono in 2014 for a bicycling injury as well as numerous star athletes, firefighers and NYPD. He volunteered in Haiti for 2010 earthquake victims and worked as a professor at Weil Cornell where a cancer researcher was recently found dead, and it was swiftly considered a drug overdose.

An odd and recent report by NY Daily News emphasizes that he was embroiled in legal battles with ex-Giants running back, Michael Cox, who was litigating over an alleged botched treatment by Lorich that presumably caused a premature end to Cox’s career.

The whole situation is odd considering that the type of death would be an odd choice of self-injury and especially by that of an orthopedic trauma surgeon.

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