Jul 25, 2015

Queen Elizabeth Is Dead? - July 25, 2015

(Before It's News)

We have been hearing reports from England that Queen Elizabeth – the real one not the doubles – is dead. and that Lord Lyons of Scotland cannot Certify Prince William Mount as “King” because the Windsor Family is made up of Pretenders.
(Please pray that those who wish to destroy America and Freedom are themselves destroyed)
If this is true the United Kingdom is dead unless Lord Lyons can come up with another man to fill the spot and if this is true the United States Corporation must go away and return as a Republic by Law and by Treaty and the Money (Stuart Trust) of the crown must be redistributed to the people of America and England. Further – the Rothchilds may now be arrested and tried for treason and their assets seized by the English Government.
The violation of these treaties is punishable by death by the English Parliament.
Here is a portion of an Email I received:
From: Sir David Andrew <<a>sirdavid.andrew77@gmail.com>
Date: July 18, 2015 at 10:39:31 AM EDT
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Subject: An Introduction to the Geneva Bible  1988rthorne2@me.com
However, King James was not the son of Queen Mary.  His name was James Erskine, a Knight of Templar, who murder Jacob VI, the son of Mary, some time between 1585 and 1587.  This murder was documented in 1987 during the renovation of Edinburgh Castle when the body of Jacob VI was discovered.  however, if Jacob VI was a bastard child he would not have been allowed to succeed to the Throne, since illegitimate children do not have the right of inheritance.

Another Knight of Templar, Sir Francis Bacon, convinced Queen Elizabeth to behead Mary in 1587, thereby, completing the coupe d’etat of Scotland without firing a shot.  Mary died with her Rosary in her hands.  It was then just a matter of time (16 years) before the death of Queen Elizabeth and the coupe d’etat of England was also complete, without firing a shot.  Because of these facts and others, Lord Lyons has disqualified all of the present Queen Elizabeth’s children and grand children from inheriting the the English Throne.

When Queen Elizabeth II dies it is the end of the British Empire as we know it.  I have reason to believe that Queen Elizabeth died in June 2015, and her family is concealing her death in order to remain in power.  Just as I have reason to believe that the deaths of Henry Kissinger (December 7, 2010), Hillary Clinton (May 2011) and George Bush (January 2014) are being concealed in the United States, at least until Jeb Bush, a slave trader and an absolute tyrant, becomes president in 2017.

Queen Elizabeth II was forced to abdicate the Throne of Scotland in fall of 1996, and she return King David’s Throne Chair to Edinburgh Castle in May 1997.  The Throne of Scotland has been vacant ever since.  I have every reason to believe that that Throne will again be filled in 2017, if not, it most likely will be filled, come October 2027, in the year of Jubilee by a mighty King, who will destroy the NWO and its minions.

It should be noted that Michael Brown wrote this Introduction 1988, at that time there were very few people, who knew about the murder of Jacob VI; and even now, nearly thirty years later, very few people are aware of Jacob VI murder by James Erskine.  The government public fool indoctrination centers have done a great job in brainwashing the sheople into near total stupidity.
This might explain why Queen Elizabeth has been in seclusion – she is dead.
TV News Broadcaster Kieth Ljunghammer and Call For Investigation TV Producer Pat Schupe – Good Luck in England. I hope Lord Lyons entertains you and your thoughts.
The News You Need
Dr. William B. Mount
Just a note: Somebody is working really hard to prevent YOU from reading this story – so it appears to be true.
Long live my fathers’ 15th Cousin Queen Elizabeth. May she rest in peace.