Jun 1, 2024

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The Energies of June 2024: Divine Purpose  (Natalia Alba) 

 Beloved Ones,

We are moving towards the summer and a new stabilizing wave that will help us transmute and assimilate all we have been embodying. June will be a month whose energies will help us integrate and adapt to change. We have now a stabilizing window in these two months to rejuvenate and integrate the transformation that we are undergoing, preparing the body for what is yet to come in September and October.

These months are going to be profound transformational ones for all of us, as we also have the eclipses, and many other important energies coming to continue preparing us for the light body awakening and reconnection that many of you have been working with during all these months. We are at a time when there is a great dissolution of our egoic self, clearing old layers, and learning how to adapt to our new self, for we were programmed not to accept our magnificence, as Divine beings, and we are now retrieving our divine birthrights.

Many will be the aspects of yourselves and your lives that you will see vanishing, for you are becoming more empowered, wiser, and hence sovereign, and all that diminishes your energy and disrespect yourself must vanish.

Let it all go. When we do not resist, we allow joy and a more illumined state of being. Our ascension path is also one of joy, alignment, and gratitude, it is not our natural state to be always suffering, for this is not how it is meant to be once we retrieve balance and understand that challenges are natural consequences of our choice of transforming ourselves as species.

Savor the moment and all you have created within it. You have worked a lot, now let the old you dissolve in the light of your true being. Be open to embracing higher aspects of yourself, as the Jupiter trine Pluto transit at the beginning of the month reminds us.

Most of you are probably feeling the exhaustion of the recent Sol-AR transmissions, but this is only the beginning of the great change coming around September, in which we will be assisted in completing the transfiguration of our lower bodies, stabilizing our entire template with the Eclipse in Libra, as well as many Earth’s fabrics and templars.

Energetically, it has been a very intense year. June and July are key months for recalibration, soul communion, wisdom retrieval, and beyond everything conscious detox, for allowing the body to regenerate at a cellular level is pivotal to continue embodying the following energies.

June holds a five-universal frequency. One that will be interchanged with the 6 frequency of the 6/6 portal, an influx of balance, harmony, and restoration to help amid this transformation period.

The 5 Universal number of June reflects the peak of the ongoing change that we are all experiencing, for all change is created from our will to evolve, as nothing ever comes from the outer if we first have not chosen to co-create with it. A change that is now stabilized, until the next integration phase, as periods of recalibration must follow the transformational ones, as the only way to take care of your bodies and allow them to digest all the previous energies.

We are being prepared this year for contact. The eight-dimensional frequencies that we have been receiving all year and that help us to reconnect to our monad, has also the purpose of getting us closer to the God-Illumined Worlds, starting to be open to galactic exchanges, for many of you have soul-agreements with many benevolent beings to descend the wisdom of the Illumined Realms on this 3D plane.

The time has come for us to embody our Divinity, which is the first step toward galactic reunification and contact. June represents a month to expand in all we have integrated, so we can start preparing our bodies to remain in a new fifth-dimensional frequency band, transcending the 3D planes, and stepping into the soul/monadic dimensions, where higher communication takes place.

Astrological Events

June is a calmer month, astrological speaking. Not for that less important, as all phases in our ascension journey are key for us to obtain our desired outcomes. June is a threshold as well as July, in which we will have the opportunity to harmonize our bodies, preparing ourselves for a new integration wave in August, and especially in September and October.

We start the month as we finished May, by having Jupiter very active, as on the 2nd of June it trine Pluto. This is a very important transit, that represents what is taking place at a micro level, the transcendence of an old self. A time for us to find our Divine purpose, as we too retrieve our soul memories. The last time Jupiter trine Pluto was in 2016 in Earth sings. Now, they are in Air signs. We will not see this aspect again until 2028. It is a very important time as it represents expansion within the present transformative wave, we are all immersed in.

I will go deeper into it as the times come, as I believe is a a great cosmic ally and force to assist us in dismantling old beliefs and egoic layers, retrieving our power, and rebirthing into who we truly are.

Jupiter in perfect synchronicity with Pluto, as it is what a trine represents, will help us anchor change in the physical, as the five universal year of June also confirm. Leaving aside old beliefs, situations, and habits, and creating more healthy ones, as it is how we transform ourselves and continue rediscovering who we truly are, and what is our main purpose.

The dissolution of an old self occurs gradually, finding that if we look back, we are no longer the same person even a year ago. This gives us an idea of how much we are evolving, integrating, remembering, and anchoring.

This is a time to adapt to change, utilizing the current energies to transform the aspects of ourselves and our lives that are not working anymore, even though the ego self often tries to maintain them in our lives.

With transformation, comes the opportunity for expansion, and this is what we are being asked at this time, to allow growth, personal power, and spiritual alignment. On the next day, we have Mercury enters Gemini. We have a lot of Air energy to help us continue clearing our mental bodies, something vital to remove old beliefs, fixity, and disconnection from our mental bodies, as when there is rigidity in thinking, there cannot be expansion.

With Mercury in Gemini, we first clear what is obsolete, and limits the power of our minds, which can be an ally, if we know how to use them. We step then into a process of mental clearing, in which we allow higher truths to be integrated.

Both events are part of the preparation for contact that many of you are now experiencing. A process in which clearing the ego, the mind, and hence the power center, is essential to allow what may be unfamiliar, and unknown, but true to our being.

A few days later, on June 6, we have a New Moon in Gemini together with the 6/6 portal. This is the peak of the process of mental clearing and higher communication that we are undergoing. Gemini helps us cultivate the mind, preparing it for synthesis, and flexibility, so new ideas, guidance, and clarity can descend.

As the octahedron – geometry associated with Gemini – reminds us, it is the synthesis of the higher and lower mind, that triggers the opportunity for higher communication, which starts by descending wisdom from our soul, as this is the most important illumined communication we should aim for, before stepping into further contact with other beings.

Self-reconnection is vital, and we can only do that when we clear the beliefs and patterns that reside in our mental bodies that limit this light descension.

The 6/6 portal harmonizes change, bringing a more peaceful and soothing energy into our being. However, as we never cease to assist, for stabilizers and new earth’s anchors this phase will signify a profound planetary work, as there are many grids, and locations to stabilize at this time.

At a personal level, the 6/6 passage asks us for balance, unconditional love, and compassion in both ourselves and in our relationships, for this, is too a propitious month for us to work on our divine reunions, remembering that we too are here to master how to create balanced and equal reunions. Our relationships are the perfect way for us to master the ego self, as they show us what we cannot see for ourselves.

On June 8, we have Venus squares Saturn, on the 10th the Sun squares Saturn and on the 12th Mercury squares Saturn. This is an invitation to remember the importance of inner work, at all levels of our being, physical, emotional, and on a soul level. It is a time to work on self-love, our values, commitment to our personal journey, and in building balanced relationships, and with mercury as well it is too a moment to work on being disciplined, taking responsibility for everything we have created, and said, for all is our creation and responsibility.

On June 9 Mars enters Taurus. This is a transit that will show us where we still resist change. Mars in Taurus is reticent to transformation, as Taurus likes stability and the familiarity of what it knows. This is one of the great lessons of Taurus to adapt to change, for Taurus has a great power to transform reality if it is willing to let go of rigidity and flow with change.

Our courage to transform and immerse ourselves in change will be tested with this transit. When wisely managed, this frequency will help us be determined, and persevering in what we truly wish to achieve next. It is all about releasing stubbornness and learning how to flow.

On June 17 Venus enters Cancer. With Venus in Cancer, we may feel extra sensitive, deeply emotional, and vulnerable. Vulnerability, when embraced, is a gift, for it makes you stronger in being able to read energies, places, and people, and express your feelings, rather than hiding them. It is also a wonderful time to take care of ourselves, at all levels, as we too take care of others and spend some time doing things that nurture our being and bring us joy.

On this same day, we also have Mercury entering in loving and intuitive Cancer. This is a wonderful opportunity to stop all the mind noise and begin to communicate with our feelings, with our Soul, learning how to lovingly communicate, first with ourselves, and then with others, with empathy, and compassion.

Mercury will help us express our feelings fluidly, as many times, especially to those who are natural empaths, we tend to withdraw so much that we forget how important it is to communicate what we feel.

Two days later, on June 20, we have the Sun entering in loving Cancer together with the Summer Solstice, for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. With the Sun in Cancer, we have the opportunity to connect with the aspect of us that feels at Home with All, and that reminds us that wherever we are is Home, for we belong to the entire Universe.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to work on our female essence, but also on our fourth chakra, healing our wounded heart center from all non-benevolent connections. We now pass from the element Air to Water, remembering the importance of healing rigidity of mind, flowing, surrendering, and allowing water to remove, dissolve, and take away all that cannot coexist anymore with who we are and where we are now.

A period for us to work with our sense of protection, familiar issues that are still unhealed, and our sense of belonging to Earth. A time for us to become our own caretakers, remembering that if we are not aligned with our Soul and take the time to release and heal first, we could not be of any assistance to others.

On Jun 21, we have a Full Moon at 1 degree Capricorn. We descend from the depths of our being now with Cancer, to remember the importance of the earth, our bodies, and the physical realm. With Capricorn, we move to the earth again, anchoring all we have descended into our bodies, where ascension is truly happening.

Capricorn helps us to go deeper into our DNA, which is how we achieve self-illumination, reconnecting our light body, which is a long-term process, and bringing all the changes and all we have previously descended, and continue to, into the physical.

We end the month with Saturn Retrograde on June 29. During this time, we are being invited to work on what being spiritual means for us, for we all are on different paths and have different notions of how to be spiritual. Saturn invites us to commit, to walk the talk, and to pursue what we desire with faith, determination, and a strong will, for as I always say, where there is a will there is a way.

This essence will help us in being disciplined in what we wish to achieve physically and spiritually, by shifting our belief systems, which is necessary to create more expansion, from our minds to our tangible lives, and a more creative way to live our lives. The focus is on creating alignment between heart and mind, so all we birth comes from a unified perspective, which is when we obtain stable and lasting results.

We are on an accelerated journey to become free sovereign beings, which occurs when we take full responsibility and charge of our energy, and personal choices.

This year we are being blessed, for we are ready as a collective, with wondrous energies to assist us in our choice of conscious evolution.

The choice is yours to make, Beloveds.

May you choose to continue embracing more love, wisdom, and power.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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