May 2, 2024

✊☮️⚔️✡️ (Q - Save Israel for Last) Below, another excellent Reese-Report. Reese covers the untold truth about 9/11 secrets with Gelatin group called “The B-Thing” and WTC center 91st floor Israeli Art Student Project ~ May 2, 20214 ~ |

'Netanyahu truly aims to be 'King Bibi' now after 100% support from all 'Cabal-Countries.' College campuses has stirred echoes of the student protest movement during the Vietnam War that now threatening the very existence of KM Cabal and Zionist Israel...' ~ SoTW

Editor's' Note
: Did you know, that Israeli and Austria has ties to September 11 attacks and there was (Mossad spies) in disguise as 'Israeli art students' in WTC? That is new information that I've never heard before in this video and I am well-versed on the subject.... 
After extreme police brutality on the pro-palestine college protests & counter-protesters clash, more demonstrations and crackdowns on campuses nationwide. More college professors are joining Gaza solidarity students protesting.... SoTW and other lightwarriors are behind y'all. Hang in there. Don't give up. Keep pushing. Keep fighting! Stay strong. Never give up... | 

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