May 31, 2024

😎🥳🥴 (June = Jubilee ~ my Higher Self) Today's Crazy Vid, Quotes & Memes ~ May 31, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: Lots of Q&A at my Holistic ND today... Huge Alien/ET disclosure in the danish news... Trump is NOT going to jail... Danish PM Mette F. resigns before June 9, 2024 new job in EU (a repeating H-S prediction)... Putin still the one to tells us about the (secret name) Nibiru/Planet X (a repeating H-S prediction)... Israel’s war on Gaza is soon over... RV is coming (depending when the wars ends) ... Monarchy of Denmark ends 2025 (a repeating H-S prediction)... Novo Nordisk and Big Pharma ends to rule 2026... 2024 summer event is going to be crazy... (and that's more)... |

Buckle up Patriots 🙌🙏

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