Mar 25, 2024

✨πŸŒ“πŸ’Ÿ (Welcome to Eclipse Season) The Lunar Eclipse In Libra March 25th ~ Mar 25 2024 ~ |

By Lauren Howard Coleman

In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love. In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me an invincible smile. In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm. I realized through it all, that in the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy.

For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger ~ something better, pushing right back. ~ Albert Camus

On March 25th, at 3 AM Eastern Daylight Time (12 am Pacific Time; 7 AM Greenwich time) the Full Moon will enter the Earth’s shadow (the Penumbra) creating a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Not quite as dramatic as a blood red total eclipse, the earth’s shadow will only barely obscure the face of the moon. And yet it is still an eclipse of the moon. This is the time of year when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are so perfectly aligned to allow the Earth to cast a shadow on the Full Moon. And so perfectly aligned so that the Norns sitting at the feet of Yggdrasil have free rein to weave their webs and plot our fates in the tapestries of our lives. Welcome to Eclipse Season.

The Lunar Eclipse falls at 5ΒΊ Libra 14’ and has a somewhat wide conjunction (9ΒΊ) to the South Node. It’s the proximity of the Moon to the Nodes that will determine whether or not the coordinates will allow an eclipse to occur, and how intense it will be. South Nodes often infer endings, what is being sloughed off, what we have outgrown, what is fading. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are also about endings and culminations. A time when we have reached as far as we can go in a certain direction, and now see the results and consequences of choices and actions made in the past. These are also often times of revelation, in which we become aware of something, or are shown something that can completely change our perspective. As a result, we will not be able to see things quite the same way again.

Libra is a sign associated with things like Fairness, Justice, Equality, Agreements, Alliances and all of the important relationships in our lives. Many will find themselves sorting through their alliances and relationships, and we are likely to see some partings along the way. In Eclipse season, we will often see a shuffling of the pieces on the playing board of life. Some will be brought together, while others parted when the eclipses fall in Aries and Libra. And there is a rhyme and reason to this. As it is all for the purpose of bringing us back into alignment with our own soul’s evolutionary purpose. Those who will be most likely affected by these eclipses are those with sensitive points from 1-9ΒΊ of Aries or Libra, as well as those with placements in the other cardinal signs of Cancer or Capricorn.

Albeit a minor aspect, the Lunar Eclipse is also sesquiquadrate the unpredictable change-maker, Uranus. So there could be a few surprises unleashed in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse. This could even be expressed as acts of insolence or rebellion, a need to reframe the narrative, or to look for alternative, or perhaps even unconventional solutions. We would all be wise to be flexible, and open to change, recognizing that there might be better ways of doing things, even if that may include having to go rogue, or needing to reframe old habits and ideas.

The ruling planet of Libra, Venus, now in the Jupiter sign of Pisces, is separating from a conjunction to Saturn, so many will be reassessing or further committing to agreements, promises and obligations with others. Followed by sextiles to freedom-loving Jupiter and Uranus can show you the benefit of doing so. Venus/Saturn can feel like the cold hard truth of reality, compelling us to look at things more objectively. Are these circumstances truly serving your best interests? Are they helping you or hindering you? It is time to peel off the rose-colored glasses and see things the way that they actually are. Venus/Saturn can almost feel trapped, or like your hands are tied. What promises made are beginning to feel like a choke hold? What obligations bind you? What is holding you back and preventing you from living your own best life? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

Sometimes all that is required is a willingness to look at things from another perspective, and drop some of the shoulds and supposed to’s. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of April 20th is coming closer and closer. And it will be all we can do to tolerate situations that have become so limiting or oppressive. Whether that be a habit, a relationship, an obligation or a life unlived, in some way we are all going to be taking some sudden sharp turns, as we move through the current eclipse season.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are plenty of people willing to do that for you. Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do. Even mistakes mean you are trying. ~ Anonymous

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