Mar 25, 2024

πŸ§±πŸ’”πŸ§© (Legobroken - Once You See It, You Can't Unsee It) Unfreaking-believable: Kirk Kristiansen - Master Carpenter, Master Builder & Master Mason? ~ Mar 25, 2024 ~ |


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Editor's Note:  Kirk family is the Ghosts that is Haunting LegoLand? A "Danish LEGO toy building brick company" copying a poor English inventor and pioneer Hilary "Harry" Fisher Page's idea?. So that was ALSO a freaking lie??

"The Kirk Kristiansen family from Billund is known by many as the inventor of the LEGO brick. But one day, journalist and LEGO fan Mads EllesΓΈe discovered that there is another story hidden about the origin of the Lego brick. A story that only a few people know about. It will be the start of a long investigation into what actually happened when the adventure began for Denmark's now richest family. 

For many years, the successful LEGO group has had a secret. Journalist and LEGO geek Mads EllesΓΈe, together with Emil Eusebius Olhoff-Jakobsen, set out to investigate the extent of that secret. Because didn't LEGO actually get the idea for the Lego brick themselves? And can it really be true, that Denmark's richest family started its success by copying a poor English inventor's idea? In "LEGO's secret", the two journalists hunt for the full truth about one of Denmark's biggest business adventures." ~  (from link above and below from podcast translated)

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