Feb 3, 2024

☢️๐Ÿ’Š☣️ ('Novo's "miracle" weight-loss drug Wegovy / Ozempic is too good to be true.') Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again, and You Don't Even Know It ~ Feb 3, 2024 ~ |

Danmarks รธkonomi
Novo Nordisk worth

Editor's Note: My Higher Self told me this: ๐Ÿ™‹ Novo Nordisk which is soon worth more than 3,000 billion DKK and Dannevang is going into recession without, how long into the future will they last and kill (people) with their "cancer-causing" medicine? In other words, when is BIG PHARMA collapsing worldwide? 2025.  Novo Nordisk how much will it be worth in 1 year? 100% worth now and year 2025 - how much is it worth? 5%. (i.e,  in 1 year, the kind of drug manufacturing that Novo does will simply be removed. They cannot be allowed to live. Similarly, Pfizer, Moderma and everything else will also disappear just before Med-Beds will be introduced)... | 


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