Jan 31, 2024

🦹🎯🥺 (There are only 3 kinds of people) The “Reptilians” (rulers), the “Useless Eaters” (normies) and then there are “Controlled Opposition” (dissidents or infiltrators). A “plant” for the Black Hats or White Hats? The worst kind of people (if you ask me on SoTW) ~ Jan 31, 2024 ~ |

EDITOR'S NOTE: Of course there's also "ME" and "YOU" and "THEM". I really don't' care which side you're on - Black Hats or White Hats. But if you deliberately know you're playing both sides, and you HAVE a choice, and still continue to live a LIEthere will be HELL to pay. So since I know that infiltration and manipulation happens all the time, but I don’t find other people’s whisperings about “controlled opposition” useful, how do I figure out who’s trustworthy and who isn’t? How do I figure out who it’s safe to cite in my work as an influencer or blogger og citizen journalists and who to avoid? How do I separate the fool’s gold from the genuine article? The shit from the Shinola? SoTW will not pick a side on Dr. Michael Salla, David Icke or anybody else, for that matter, on the lists, below. But I've part ways with spirituel organisations such as Simon Pakers CC Group and C.O.B.R.A. R.M. I simply left after being exposed to fraud on a personal level and was involved, since 2015, but no more. I'm so sick of this “Cat and Mouse” game. There is NOTHING more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.. | 




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