Apr 17, 2023

đŸ”źđŸ„°đŸ€ł (Reblog Sept 2022: Tarot readings, Jinn or Djinn, Cobra and RV) SoTW's Higher Self Message channeled through my DK holistic doctor. You're in for a treat: Brutally honest Q&A 'upsetting' news that 'could' trigger many people ~ Apr 17, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: A dialogue with my Higher Self. What does my Higher Self (H-S) tell me about 2022, predictions that affect us globally. As you know, the negative collective energy by almighty powerful reptilian Queen-Lizzie is dead and that alone, could alter the "positive" timelines and create a ripple effect. I.e., accelerate the timeline collapse towards Freedom, liberty, and sovereignty - Planetary Liberation... |  

The universe is eternal, infinite and vibrant, a conscious cosmos: đŸ„°đŸ€ł (Tarot readings, Jinn or Djinn, Cobra and RV) SoTW's Higher Self Message (channeled through my DK holistic doctor). You're in for a treat: Brutally honest Q&A 'upsetting' news that 'could' trigger many people (SOTW; REPOST SEPT 15TH) ~ 5. October 2022 ~ | (verdensalt.dk)  

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Recorded on iPhone at Zealand in Roskilde, September 9, 2022 by Verdensalt.dk and Louis holistic ND - Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice + more.

🙋 1. Vietnamese Dong & Iraqi Dinar Revaluation - after RV/GCR-reset will these 2 currencies increase it's value? YES! When will revaluation take place? Within 2 years aka 2024, according to my H-S. 

P.S. I have one spiritual grassroot humanitarian project in mind, if I get millions on my accounts after the "reset"...  

🙋 2. Ismael Perez: In what percentage of "truthfulness" should we read into everything that he says in public? 40% is truth out of 100% - rest 60% - take it with a grain of salt. Hence, what IP is delivering to the public is only partly truth - rest is ego or sells tool - take a pick - i don't know (will upset many) 

🙋 3. All general popular fortune tellers or tarot card readers (like Tarot by Janine).  The accuracy or correctness of truth of them all in percentage what they say. Close to 60% truth. 

- Who 'controls' their intuitions? Who are behind or has invented the "tarot system"? Ego, haughtiness, high-mindedness, higher-self, Jinn (jynx), demons, ghosts - spirits - alien energies? What is it? When a tarot reader picks it cards, is it by ones own H-S? NO! 

- A Jinn or Djinn - good or teasing "trickser" spirits? YES! 

🙋 - Once again, we're asking; Does any of the "famous" tarot readers that are using their own H-S? NO! (will upset many and think Janine will not agree)

P.S. Louis talks about his knowledge of Ouija board, Spirit of the glass      

 đŸ™‹ 4. C.O.B.R.A. R.M.   We asked a lot of questions and below is the end result;

P.S. - Rumor in the very top hierarchy including my ex-girlfriend on SoTW told me that the leader (cobra-resistance.github.io) of this huge spiritual organization was inspired, seduced and controlled by an American spouse called the "Dark Queen." who killed the former spouse called Isis Astara which SoTW has meet in 2015 etc.

- Are there any present and living humans on Earth who controls leader of Cobra2012? NO! Does the so-called named "Dark Witch" controls Cobra? NO! 

- Is Cobra himself from the The Pleiadians? NO! 

- Has the Pleiadeans used him as a "spokesman" as he claims? NO! 

- These informations Cobra receives does it derives from Pleiadians, that have a distinctive “Nordic,” or Scandinavian appearance, living on “Seven Sisters,” the Pleiades, a group of stars in the Taurus constellation? NO! 

- Is Cobra in accordance with The Pleiadians? NO!      

- Does he misinform the public? YES! Does it benefit Humanity? NO! Is it truth information? NO! Bad information? YES!   

- Is Cobra controlled and misinformed by an Pleiadian being - an outsider or that “has been washed out” from the Pleiadian community or bad influenced somehow? YES!

There you have it... On a personally note - Cobra is influenced by a bad "Pleiadean" E.T. being who feed him with wrong information or do not benefit Humanity on Earth. And as you know, Cobra, is ego-driven millionaire collecting money fee for humanitarian projects, that do not exist and nobody knows where the money goes to and everyone in the organizations, works for free...

 đŸ™‹ 5. Queen Elizabeth II: Does humanity receives ALL the truth in near future about her obsession of cannibalism, bestiality & satanic initiations, blood drinking & high-adept Satanism, Crimes of treason etc. etc? NO! Within 10 years from now (current timeline), says my H-S. What about hints of cannibalism and Pedophilia? YES - within 3 years time

 đŸ™‹ 6. Will there be anything that is not revealed after 2035? NO! All "truth" nomatter what is might be hidden for last thousands or millions or years will be disclosed before 2035. 

 đŸ™‹ 7. The monarchy of Denmark constitutional institution and a historic office of the Kingdom of Denmark. When will it be dismantled? In 2029! Will Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, be King? YES! Year 2025 

🙋 8. 2022/2023 general election in DenmarkIs it possible to use electoral fraud, sometimes referred to as election manipulation, voter fraud or vote rigging? NO! Who will win? Blue parties will be winner of the election. 

🙋 9. When will G/NESARA be introduced and fully implemented into Denmark? Year 2030! However, IMF will be-no-more! Global economic, countries debt forgiveness, Universal basic income (UBI) and lots of other positive sign is already "ongoing" as we speak... 

🙋 10. Will Russia full invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 or "special operations" or "armed war" end before 2023? YES! 

🙋 11. Will Danish energy crisis pumped up fake prices end soon? YES! 

🙋 12. Will there be more UFO encounters or sightings in DenmarkNO! Rest of the World? YES! Will UFO be more frequently and publicly notice in the world so Denmark will be forced to talk about it? YES!    


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