Apr 17, 2023

🎮🔼😊 (EXTREMLY BIG Flash & EMP within 9 ds/wks/mos from Sun or Beyond know universe. Dark Forces created the "Green Fog") SOLAR FLASH - EMP - Upgrade of Human consciousness? - End of modern World? ~ Apr 17, 2023 ~ |

Editors' Note: this time, Izabela, will use Citrine Crystal Ball (highly associated with the Sun) and tarot cards. And since, it cost money to join Tarot By Janine, I highly recommend, Izabela. Some ppl do not like her, som does. It's all up to what resonate with your inner beleif-system... In this video, Izabela, is doing a readings about Solar Flashes, EMP and on what could happen in the future. An upgrade of human consciousness maybe?. Izabela will also do a video on clones and hybrids... | 

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