Dec 2, 2023

🎭🤡🎪 (The Pantomime Theatre and SoTW is your Game ShitShow Host) When, Justin 'Turtle Shit' missing out on events after a Hotel cocaine overdose and finally leaves India after aircraft issues delayed departure from rocky G20. When, the White Hats are in Control. When, will it all end? So why the charade? To wake up more HUmans? Why are off-worlders having fun and i'm not? ~ Dec 2, 2023 ~ |

Editor's NoteWhen, Henry Kissinger dies before National Christmas Lights Day and the National Christmas tree falls in front of White House, you know, we're living in the Matrix... When 1st female at Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor dies and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Gay President Obama 'Barry Soetoro' and Trans Michelle 'Big-Mike-Michael' in 2009. When, Rosalynn Carter, dies outed her husband, Jimmy Carter. When, the Inauguration of Joe Biden was a CGI staged state funeral. When, the Danish PM knows she meet an actor pretending to be US SWAGGER-In-CHIEF in a White House a.k.a. Castle Rock Studios a.k.a. Amazon studios. When, the "REAL" White House are fenced up and Washington DC is a ghost town. When, Creepy-Joe walk like a ROBOT next to an Ukraine actor Lord Voldemort Zelenskyy with strange set of hands. When, Buckingham Palace is boarded up and Queen-Lizzie died in 2018 and The British Monarchy is officially a joke now. When, you sit and watch Coronation of body-double Gay 'King' Charles III and Silicone Face Mask Camilla, Queenie Consort on the telly. When, Putin is not the "REAL" Putin anymore. When, The Israeli army has been 'allowed' to hit more than 400 targets in the blockaded Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours and former ICC chief prosecutor calls Israel’s siege of Gaza is a ‘genocide’... | 

Danish PM to meet Joe Biden at White House on June 5 - The Copenhagen Post – The Copenhagen Post (
Ghost Protocol | Mission Impossible | Fandom
Zelenskyy Green Screen Photo Conspiracies Explode Online (
Reuters just dropped a video of Zelenskyy in front of an obvious green screen. Is this more wag the dog for an actor president? Link in sub : conspiracy (
(7) Владимир Зеленский. Обращение (2022) Новости Украины - YouTube
Pro-Kremlin influencers reignite Zelenskyy “green screen” theory | StopFake

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