May 6, 2023

👑💩🏝️ (King Shit of Turd Island?) Fake, Fact, and Fantasy: Are you are a Muggle, Moron or Mockingbird? Police arrest anti-monarchy group chief Graham Smith ahead of coronation and remove any demonstrations. Paul Mealor sings 'Kyrie Eleison' in ancient Greek? WHAAT? Lionel Richie (Gay or Bisexual) celebration celebrity friendship with (Gay) Charles. (Gay) Barack Obama and his family have a longstanding relationship with the Royal Family. The Royals will awkwardly hide some of their stolen diamonds during the Coronation. David Mahoney has studied the 'Fake' Stone of Destiny and Dr. Charlie Ward concur (Insiders Club Video 3rd of May). Why is Donald Trump in Scotland? Looking for the 'real' Stone of Scone and clearing and cleaning house? It's a 152 kg coronation sandstone traveled from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland to Westminster Abbey for Coronation of body-double Gay 'King' Charles III and Silicone Face Mask Camilla, Queenie Consort. Tens of thousands are purring into the streets of London protected by thousands armed forces 'Queens' soldiers and police and intelligence who swear an oath to the Monarchy and Freemasonic order. Last worldly coronation that will be held is Danish Frederik-Frogman HRH King of Denmark and Australian-born Queen Major-Mary-Maz ~ Maj 6, 2023 ~ |

Galactic energies are amping as we head into Friday into Saturdays powerful Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse Gateway... Harcore fans have been sleeping along the route for several days... WHO says Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency (no shit, Sherlock)... Over 2,000 US banks are insolvent – Telegraph.. Stephen Deckoff buys Jeffrey Epstein's islands for $60M. While well-known lawyer and billionaire Danish Christian KjĂŚr, best friend to Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmarkearned $21M... 
Editors' Note: I'm watching the 'shitshow' since 7.30 AM CET on BBC One. Sorry, for being direct or just rude to all the hardcore royalists and my readers on I have actually meet Crown Prince Frederik. My sister got a kiss at a sport event. I use to live 200 meters from Fredensborg Palace - now- 200 meters of Frederiksborg Castle. I never supported EU Monarchy but republicanism. I know a high ranking former freemason. I used to work for Danish biggest bank - a Goldman Sachs AKA "Vampire Qquid" or "Gov't Sachs" (Rothchild banking empire) - for 25 yrs. I only want the truth to come out to The, People... |

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