Dec 29, 2023

🚸⚔️🏴‍☠️ (Nobody Died at Sandy Hook is 1st & Biggest Banned School Shooting False Flag FEMA Drill? ~ SoTW) SGT Report: NEVER SPEAK OF THIS -- Prof. James Fetzer (Top Trending on Bitchute) ~ Dec 29, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: I AM no Tank Murdock, Ole Dammegard look-alike or ridiculous conspiracy theorist at SoTW, buuutt, relies on my finely tuned intuition, research skills and BS alert. I have studied False Flag Operations since, September 11 terrorist attacks ("inside job."). FF ops has been going on since Gulf of Tonkin incident and Oklahoma City bombing and perhaps, loog time, before that. My oldest friend (lost contact with him) is a active Colonel officer-soldier from the special forces, said to me in 2018; Don't trust The Copenhagen Capital Region Emergency Response Team at any Hospital - regional Emergency Medical Dispatch Center (and then we had "COVID-19 pandemic" and "2022 Copenhagen mall shooting"). He also mentioned The National Emergency Management Agency (central part of Denmark's disaster preparedness) and Danish National Police etc. He was supposed to take over as commander of Denmarks ERS and was scared what would happend to him, if he said no and blow the whistle. When he heard that I was a blogger, he never spoke to me, again. Was actually a bit scared out of my wits after that 3 hours secret conversation at a local cafe. He's a bad-ass soldier like the new anti-hero "Hunter" Thomas Rathsacks…|

(SoTW) List of ""known"" terrorist attacks where terrorist Emergency Drills/Exercises, was held at the same day or / and "live" event took place the same day, or 1-2 month later:

  • 1994 - The Estonia disaster 
  • 1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing
  • 2001 - 9/11 (**)
  • 2004 - Madrid train bombings
  • 2005 - London bombings (7/7)
  • 2011 - Norway attacks
  • 2012 - Aurora shooting (Cinema shooting in Aurora USA)
  • 2012 - The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
  • 2012 - Boston Marathon bombing
  • 2014 - Shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  • 2015 - Copenhagen shootings 
  • 2015 - Charleston church shooting
  • 2015 - November Paris attacks
  • 2016 - Brussels, Nice, Syria, and Orlando
  • 2017 - Stockholm attack
  • 2017 - MGM Las Vegas massacre
  • etc. etc. etc.
  • 2019 / 2020 - OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC (yet another False Flag, mass casualty event staged by all the usual suspects? Event 201 - Oct 2019 -  pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness. 6 weeks later *LIVE* event) 
  • 2022 - Copenhagen mall shooting - SoTW watched live TV that early morning at the day and danish TV 2 news anchor told us there was a police "rehearsal" or "drill" before it actually happened. 

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