Nov 14, 2023

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: How You Reach You Goal – Era of Light

A short introduction from Mike

Just when you thought things could not get worse, the world now witnesses a war in Gaza of such proportions that one wonders how and when it will end. “Matthew’s Message – November 1” fully covers the developments and I recommend you read the full version to become enlightened as to the purpose of the war that the Illuminati are behind. The following extract from the message clearly reveals that they planned it and of their intentions.

“The intention of the Illuminati counterattack in Gaza is to cause massive death, injury, fear and extreme hardships for survivors, and Israeli defence forces have been ordered to cripple Palestine to irremediable status. The rock-bottom vibrations of that combination added to the vibrations of everyone who is suffering hang like ominous storm clouds on Earth’s horizon”


The world lurches from one crisis to another and, when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does, leaving people wondering how and where it will all end. That, Dear Ones, is still in the melting pot and depends on how the forces of Light respond. It is a delicate situation that few wish to see escalate into a World War, but they can rest assured that it would not be allowed as the greater Plan is for the success of the Light.

How you reach your goal depends on your actions and response to the events going on around you. Our desire is that you hold the love vibrations and spread them around you to all people, as that will maintain a good level so important at such a trying time.

You have already entered the photon belt and as time progresses the vibrations will lift up and negativity will be weakened by it and eventually disappear. So let your thoughts revolve around the love/light that is keeping your hopes alive. We are with you willing you ever onwards and know that you have the intention and willpower to succeed.

These are the times you have been waiting for and prepared for well in advance. In spite of the present darkness that has descended upon Earth your Light is lifting up other souls and giving them hope. Anticipating this period of the end times, you have been selected because you lifted yourselves up and can hold the vibrations. Never waver as it is written in the stars that the Light will be victorious, and deservedly so. You as Light Beings are the beacons that will help others find the way home. You do not in fact know how important your contribution is to achieve victory over the dark Ones.

You have been preparing for these times for so long and chosen to be present, because you have the strength and determination to go all the way as required to reach your goal. Never fear the dark Ones as your Light is your protection, and they try to destroy it for that reason.

In reality they know you are more powerful than them but try every trick to get you off guard. So stay firm and resilient knowing that you are more powerful than they are. Fear is their weapon and the energy they live off that is growing because of the state of the Earth as it reacts to so much negativity. However, it has its own way of dealing with such problems.

It is with sadness that we hear the cries of those beleaguered souls in Gaza trapped in the most intolerable conditions, but they would not have become involved unless it was part of their evolution. At one level as unlikely as it may seem, they accepted the challenge that they took on knowing that it would help their desire to overcome their frailty. They knew before they incarnated that life would be very trying to say the least but also knew that it presented an opportunity to evolve more quickly.

Dear Ones, we know life can be hard for many people but all souls will find themselves exactly where they can release karma and progress, and if successful never to have to face the same challenges again. It may sound harsh to put souls through such experiences but it has proved to be the only way you really learn. When you return to the Light between lives, naturally your Guides take you through your experiences and help you understand the outcome of them.

Every soul is acting out a part that is essential to the outcome and be assured that a lot of preparation goes into arranging it. Failure is considered as part of your experience and you always have the opportunity to meet the same challenge again. As we have often pointed out previously there is no shame in missing out on [through?] a life where you went astray; indeed you should be that much stronger as a result of it. Experience at any stage is desirable so your time is always of value and there is always something to be gained from it.

The Earth is ideal for your experiences and there is not another planet in your system that can offer such a vast array of experiences. What a beautiful place it is yet Man in his ignorance has no concept that it is a life form that has given itself to Man for the outworking of his freewill.

Right now Mother Earth is “shaking” off some undesirable changes so that it can cleanse the Earth and eventually restore it to its pristine condition. There are so many changes taking place and now and then the Earth shakes as result.

However, it is the long-term benefits that count and clearing out the old and no longer useful ways of doing things will make way for a change that will benefit all people. It is not easy to achieve it whilst people have to live through it but it will be made as easy as possible.

A lot is being asked of you but people are hardy and determined to see the changes through, even at the expense of experiencing lower levels of comfort. Soon it will become apparent where Humanity is heading and the future looks bright and assured.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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