Oct 23, 2023

🎴🔮😊 (Tarot by Izabela) Viewers' Questions from the 19th of October 2023 - R. Fuellmich - Starlink - E6 collapse and more .. ~ Oct 23, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: SoTW' interpret the Questions: The new Swedish system called "Ubetalningsmyndigheten" is not bad, neither part of GESEARA... Starlink will not be the new global Internet, something else will be introduced... R. Fuellmich not a criminal and have a lot of proof what he says and will be released soon... UN troops in Ireland and UK are not bad or false flag operatives to create chaos... The Swedish E6 highway collapse due to a landslide was not a landslide. It was a cleaning operation to rescue 'little ones'... |  

Izabela is answereing viewers' questions:
-    00:05:55 Ubetalningsmyndigheten - A sign of Gesara? 
-    00:17:00 Will Starlink take over the internet?
-    00:25:12 The arrest of Reiner Fuellmich
-    00:35:10 Are UN troops in the UK friendly? - What about the many thousands of young male immigrants/refugees?
-    00:45:00 The Swedish E6 highway collapse due to a landslide on the 23rd of September 2023?

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