Oct 23, 2023

🌌👽🖖 ('Word is E.T.'s given Earthlings until 2027/28 to be aware of them. We're not gonna have full disclosure before the Solar event.') TheSphereBeing Alliance: S2E04: Supporting the Disclosure Movement ~ Oct 23, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: SoTW personally do not like Corey & Mike Webinar at a price of "$33" (I dislike that masonic number). Buuutt, I do like the "new" version of Corey that has come out for months now and speaks more "truth" than ever... I AM glad I didn't go to the retreat in Mt. Shasta with him back in the days or swimming with Dolphins with Corey Goode and Joan Ocean for the Cosmic Waves event. Both events has cost me more than my apartment rent, in a year. The Hawaii event was really really expensive and I know that kauilapele2 was there. Now, he's not posted anything, since December 24, 2022... | 

(17) S2E04: Supporting the Disclosure Movement - YouTube

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