Oct 6, 2023

😎🥳✌️ (Freaky Friday Fun or Deadly Facts? 2020-2023 HUmanity should have been Extinct) Todays Crazy Vid, Quotes & Memes ~ Oct 6, 2023 ~ |

From 100% EFFECTIVE against COVID to 50% to completely INEFFECTIVE

Please use your own spirituel discernment. Li-Meng Yan: "Coronavirus is a biological weapon". Placebo or KillSh0t vaksines. A german man got COVID jab '87 times'. 

Last 3 yrs and 91% of the danish population from 5 yrs old and up has been fully vaxxed against COVID-19. Oct 1st - Oct 5th of 2023, over 300.000 Danes out of 2 million has signed up to get a flu shot or COVID-19 vax. That is, 34,000 every day against covid-19. The term ‘booster’ is now obsolete, the latest vax-formula is available in local pharmacies with no doctors to assist. 

Vaksines can be deadly, viruses in nature, are nor dangerous, but man-made are. Viruses are simply nonliving dormant parasites that invade or feed an already dead or dying host cells, from the inside (very important to understand). On the other hand, bacteria, are free-living cells. The human microbiota helps us to keep us healthy, but sometimes these bacteria can also be harmful. 

SARS-CoV-2 or any natural born VIRA has NEVER EVER been identified and isolated as they claim in December of 2019. No HUman has seen a VIRUS. Buuutt, man-made biological and toxin weapons are either microorganisms like virus, bacteria or fungi, or toxic substances produced by living organisms that are produced and released deliberately to cause disease and death in humans, animals or plants. Every single (dangerous) virus was man-made in the HUman history. End of lesson... |

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