Aug 7, 2023

🌊🔮🃏 (Q Said to 'Watch the Water' & 'We are saving Israel for last') TBJ Snippet: AUG 6th 2023-WORLD NEWS! ~ Aug 7, 2023 ~ |

Watch the Water…. Flooding... The Three Gorges Dam...

Free Guy:
According to Janine; 5G towers NOT dangerous anymore... Canadian military is now onboard with WH's... 'Exercise Talisman Sabre or other military training ecersie?, is a WH' military exercise to roundup baddies... Sarge is right and Janines card predictions: "The Three Gorges Dam" - 80% of the demonic stuff going on underneath the Dam has been destroyed or coming down by WH military (days or weeks)... Ghost Towns in China - is a good operation to put people in those cities when Three Gorges Dam breaks... Sarge is right about Israel and good intel... 

P.S.: What SoTW heard for many years. The reason why 'Israel is for last' is because of Israel has a HUUUGE underground city or nest or realm of reptilian domination with 1000s upon 1000s of ‘Alien reptile’ and cloaked figure in their population. I think it was David Icke's belief it was the concept of reptilian-human hybrids (otherwise known as “lizard people”). SoTW think of it as The Hive, formerly known as the Krill, in Destiny 2, of Thrall. The bottom of the hierarchy of Hive, thrall harken back to ancient human myths of demons or zombies... | 

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