Jul 22, 2023

👼 ~ 💕 (Why Am I here on Earth and what is my Purpose?) Message from Ann & the Angels: A Simple Purpose ~ July 22, 2023 ~ |

by Ann Albers in Phoenix AZ

Noticing your feelings...

 Hi All,

Today, the angels talk about our true purpose and value. It seems to be a much-needed message. The past few weeks, so many souls have been wondering why they're here. I think the pandemic plunged us all into self-reflection and a search for deeper meaning, but the angels remind us we already have purpose, no matter what we're doing or not. I'll share my heart and some tips as well.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never in your life have you been without purpose. There is not a single moment or a single breath without value. As long as you are alive on the earth, you are contributing to the ongoing stream of creation by your very presence.

You didn't come to earth to prove your worth through actions or achievements. You didn't come to save others. You didn't come to fix what was broken or even to fix yourselves because, in your spirit, you are perfect. You came to create, play, and draw energy from the invisible realms into the physical however you please. You came to expand and experience love. You are part of the living, breathing expansion of the Divine into physical form. You are on the furthest edge of the waves of creation.

With each wish, you draw love into the physical world. With each desire, you begin a chain reaction of creation. With each upset, you ask the universe for a solution. The question is never whether or not you are "serving a purpose" but rather whether you are allowing yourself to feel your glorious purpose. You do this simply by acknowledging your own goodness, your own unique value, and your own loving heart.

So many of you have learned to judge yourself by superficial standards. You learned to prove your value by pleasing others. You became caught in the game of convincing those around you that you were lovable by submitting to their desires or asserting yourself. Yet all you have to do is "be."

A rose serves a purpose even though it performs no actions other than its own natural unfolding.

A tulip serves a purpose even though it never seeks to please a soul.

A blade of grass serves a purpose even though it may grow and get crushed underfoot in less than a few days.

Your birds, bees, bugs, and butterflies serve a purpose, yet not one of them will ever strive to achieve a thing. They live simply to "be" who they were created to be. They live to experience and express love in a physical form. And while each creature and creation does, in a sense, "perform" some purpose within creation, they do it only as a form of their own expression. A bee does not make honey for your toast and tea. She makes honey because she is a bee. A butterfly does not flutter close by to please you but rather senses the delight of the love you feel and wants to share in and contribute to that dance—for the sheer joy of feeling the love.

Love, dear ones, is your purpose, however you choose to express it. You can express it in grand and glorious ways by serving the masses, or you can express it in the quietest moment of appreciation. Still, no matter its expression, it is love, and you are bringing the vibration of love into this reality.

The scale of what you do, the form of what you do, will never be as important as the vibration of love with which you do it. We cannot repeat this enough.

If you like, pick up a glass of water or coffee and savor it. Sip it with love, Inhale, and appreciate its beauty and the beauty of all whose hands brought this sip to your lips.

You have just intentionally called forth love. You have just experienced your most profound purpose. When you look back at your life from heaven, you will see the vibration of love you just called forth into your three-dimensional word.

That is what your earthly life is all about.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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