Jul 22, 2023

😵💫🙃 (Dumbed-down Nino? Trust your Gut. Listen to your Heart not the Brain) O-M-G! There's a lot of impersonation scammers out there in the spirituel truther community. ~ July 22, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: They setup phoney e-mails. One of my DK-friends tried to communicate with Dr. Charlie Ward and he got an (unsound and unreliable) answer. Mrs. Drew (Charlies right hand) is not responding about allegations of Charlie's reply is truly him or another freaking fuckery. Phoney accounts on social media is a big problem right now. They also take over brands and message boards, or organization for fraudulent purposes. Cleverly creates fake lookalike images, synthetic audio and videos on Rumble, BitChute and YouTube. Mostly, to steel (digital) money from naive truthers and alike. Aaaand, then there's that Black Hat agent and (idiot) Dr. Shiva, that owns a Pharmaceutical company (Cytsolve) and has worked with Bill Gates and the Clinton's etc. Dr. Shiva are apparently able to fool Nino and the first 15 minute of the interview, besides he throws Trump and JFK, under the bus. He also goes after Elon Musk (which is a clone) and Tucker Carlson, as he call him "Fucker" and so much more. I say on SoTW; do not trust Dr. Shiva. But what do I know? I AM just an Danish hillbilly, but trust my gut instincts, intuition and emotional intelligence (EI)... | 


Dr. Shiva joins Ninoscorner.tv to state his case on true change.. He offers his solutions to what he feels is the " not so obvious establishment." He has decided to run for president in 2024 and wants to expose Robert Kennedy and Trump for being part of the "not so obvious establishment.." Will he get your vote? He's very convincing folks.. YOU DECIDE!

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