Jul 20, 2023

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 (Semper Supra: Corey back-on-track speaking truth again?) Livestream this Saturday + Intel on David Grusch UAP Whistleblower ~ July 20, 2023 ~ |


 'This coming out is a big problem, because, it discusses the technological cold war between Russia, China and US, over, recovered alien technology.' ~ Corey 

Free Guy: No, SoTW, have not meet Corey Goode and David Wilcock IRL, per se, like I've meet Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, James Gilliard etc, but been to their conferences. Yes, Dr Greer ('Good' and not 'Bad' ETs), has been compromised and part of Clinton/Podesta/Rockefellers UFO Initiative (cannot be trusted). To SoTW, Greer, is a fraud and perhaps did initially good work and is now chasing cash. It's gonna be great if David Grusch UAP Whistleblower and 2 secret whistleblowers, is putting forward by Earth Alliance and not been compromised at all (by Rockefellers, CIA, NRO, Men-in-Black etc.). Then, the REAL Truth will come out about the real Secret Space Programs (SSP). We shall see... | 


Corey's Comments on David Grusch UAP Whistleblower - Chat's with Corey

In this excerpt from the Chats with Corey June livestream recording, Corey offers his intel on the UFO whistleblower David Grusch who has garnered much attention outside of the usual "disclosure" sources.

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Corey's Comments on David Grusch UAP Whistleblower - Chat's with Corey June 2023
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Last month in Corey's livestream we were not able to address many questions due to the "Earth alliance" updates Corey wanted to share only in the livestream for the subscriber audience. We have your questions from last month that we will cover Saturday also, but please be sure to use the button below to submit any additional questions you may have for Corey on any subjects. We look forward to you this Saturday on the next Zoom livestream.

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