Jul 20, 2023

👴🥴🤦 (Put your trust in Joe O'l-Man-River Biden? - you old bastard) SoTW wouldn't let Joe mow my lawn and Hunter near my own daughter! C'mon man! Did you watch the 'freakshow' yesterday on Fox? DOJ ignored illicit sexual activity, trafficking and interrupted Ms Greene! It gets worse in Israel and SoTW speaks English fine 😂 Joe's 'incoherent mumbling' equals interviewes given by Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark AKA King Shit of Turd Island. And why the heck are they showing a man who steals 3 vehicles in multi-county LA for 3 hours straight? Distractions? Don't they have better things to do?? Let's Go Brandon BOOM BOOM! ~ July 20, 2023 ~ |

Breitbart News Network

Tragedy At The White House - Biden Appears To Suffer Episode In Front Of Cameras - YouTube

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