Jun 25, 2023

💪😎💔 (OMFG! Finally! Never put all Eggs in one Basket!) ISMAEL PEREZ LIES EXPOSED ~ June 25, 2023

Free guy: Extremely good lesson to be learned here! Never seen Alex Collier so upset before. NEVER! 'IP' has been EVERYWHERE and everyone has taken his info, for granted! My holistic ND and SoTW, didn't trust IP from the very start. Something was not right and my Higher-Self (H-S) told me, that IP only delivers 40% truth and 60% lies or deception. And yes, be very, very carefully not to to put all your Eggs in one Basket! Only take in what resonate with your own inner belief system and leave the rest, behind (SoTW motto). Even in the spiritual & truthers (patriots, digital soldiers and channelings and alike) communities, could be compromised. A endless trolls of 'DS, CIA, Cabal' terminator infiltrators has also destroyed the UFO communities, like James Gilliland told you so many times now. I have meet James, Alex Collier and Rob Potter in IRL back in 2015 for 5 days and they seem to be fine gentlemen. HOWEVER, and this is important. How do you call a person that trash talks about others and starts yelling when people talk negatively about his behavior? Elena Danaan told us that Megan Rose was a DS operative, NOT to be trusted. SoTW is fond of Megan, that will not change, until my H-S, tells me otherwise. However, Elena, was raised by Megan as her mentor, because of Val Nek! Strangely, Alex Collier, Dr. Michael Salla, Dani Henderson (+ more), shortly after agreed with Elena, that Megan Rose, must be bad then... | 

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