Jun 13, 2023

πŸ›ΈπŸ§­πŸ€« (Greer: 'If not complied, offending parties will be prosecuted and tried for treason.') Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer's Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch!" ~ June 13, 2023 (Free guy: Sorry to be the party popper... You know me Folks or readers - I'm not bullshitting you! Look at ex-Marine Michael Herrera's masonic compass freemason pin and tie clip. He also wears the Pride 17-color United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Brooch Sdgs pin badge. Aaand has a red pocket square as a pyramid. The other pin looks like an American flag with something in it and his last pin is unknown to me. How can you trust this guy??) ~ |

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Marine vet breaks 14-year silence to make astonishing claim that his six-man unit saw a UFO | Daily Mail Online

Free Guy

Free Guy: Dr. Greer and all the speakers - thanks for all you're doing. That said, everything is redacted and there's no name-dropping to backup the real proof or evidence, this conference was meant to be, for the public. We know that folks are getting killed and or/destroyed, if they go public or refuse to sign an NDA etc. All I'm saying, I'd partly agreed on some of the topics that Dr. Greer presented. I have not meet him IRL, but he was once or still is, a working man for the US governing body and as such, protecting the space corporations and 3-letter intelligence agencies, by saying, they have no knowledge, what's going on (still left in the dark - CIA's compartmentalization). That may well be the case, but I say on SoTW, never ever leave our faith of HUmnaity, to any politician or Congress etc. Dr. Greer may still be, to this day, on the payroll of the Rockefeller Initiative and it's connection to Clinton, UFOs, and Disclosure with strange history of John Podesta’s space alien obsession etc. We do not know. That is perhaps why, he's still alive, and not killed. Free Guy on SoTW still put my trust into Trump's Space Force / Earth Alliance / White Hats off-worlders... | 

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