Mar 8, 2023


Editor's Note: Negativity bias? You can say this new report lead towards something negative - I agree to some extent! However, Kerry, is just pissed off abt all the lies, also in the truth-community, like SGAnon etc., and in particular abt the Secret Space Programs, she says! I do respect Kerry Cassidy for what she knows for more than 18 yrs of reporting, interviewing whistleblowers and intuitive understanding, like no one else, are able to do. I have even meet and dinnered Kerry. As I have stated before, and Simon confirms this, black helicopters patrolled the area at Awake & Aware conference/venue in London 2017. Simon and Kerry was warned beforehand on psychic attacks or EMF weapons happened. Simon lost his voice... I have also been visited 'The Sphinx' in the Bucegi Natural Park which is in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania with core group of C.O.B.R.A. R.M. and placed Chintamani Stone and much more... Buuuttt, my heart bleeds for FULL DISCLOSURE and Planetary Liberation at SoTW and knowing this, if Kerry's truth abt all her statements in this report, HUmanity, are in for a FIGHT for LIFE and that means many years into the future, before we see 'The New Golden Age.' Dr. Charlie Ward in a video from Dubai saying - 'we will look back in 2026 and say, it's all done.' I'm thinking at SoTW - OMG! I can't wait that long. No Sir! I have been awake for 20+ years and I can't take no more. The "deadly shitshow" seems to be a UNSTOPPABLE EVENT... |

Versions of Putin and Beyond – Era of Light





Kerry's description:

PREFACE: I totally support the Q/White Hat Agenda. I just think our spokespeople need to be more honest and forthcoming when they talk to the people and be careful of generalizing because in this playing field generalizations or blanket statements end up being WRONG!"

In this video, Kerry refers to the following article/list on her site:

Here is the video:

Wernher von Braun was implicated in the use of slaves to build his V2 rockets…they died of malnutrition etc. He was asked did he know? The “camp” was less than a half mile from his factory. He knew.

What did they know and when did they know it?

  1. LIE: SGAnon: “We are at war with Russia.” Who is “we”. … Not our President COG/CIC TRUMP OR HIS MILITARY… Biden show and cohorts who are still part of the deep state alliance are…as part of NATO. But both SGanon and Juan/JohnK say Trump controls BY-DEN.
  2. Contradiction: Putin is part of the Alliance and destroying surface infrastructure while White Hat military “destroy” BIOLABS… you can bet they are not destroying the ‘intellectual property’ which is all online most likely or on thumb drives… they will confiscate the info while rescuing children…killing experimental animals and destroying pathogens in Petri dishes (hopefully)….
  3. LIE: We (the alliance will destroy all the underground nests of the vipers (Reps/Draco/Greys) … Unlikely as they go down miles and comprise a tunnel system going back to Egypt and Atlantis.
  4. LIE: Lab leak…a lie…evidence is that the AI derived recipe for the BOTH COVID AND THE VAX originated in Fort Dietrich in the U.S. with a branch in Ukraine and possibly other bio lab locations. (TAIWAN, WUHAN and myriad other countries.
  5. ALL BIO-LABS main purpose is BIO-ENGINEERING HUMAN GENOME… BUILDING HUMANITY 3.0 and Transhumans…clones/cyborgs/Androids (Synths).
  6. Covid likely dispersed via AEROSOL OR FREQUENCY WEAPONS VIA 4G/5G TOWERS AND low earth orbit Satellites (possibly part of Project Leonid Nano Satellite grid of self-replicating self-repairing satellites. See Anthony Sanchez/Project Leonid. Way above top secret. Death threats.
  7. LIE. SEYMOUR HIRSCH … US. BOMBED NORDSTREAM PIPELINE… which group? Deep State NWO/CCP faction. Purpose to stop Europe’s over dependency on Russia. And transfer to Pipeline going through Syria/Lebanon… Kazakstan?
  8. NOTICE HOW THE SO-CALLED WAR IN UKRAINE NEVER MENTIONS ‘CRIMEA’? This is a heavily sought after coveted country AKA RUSSIAN TERRITORY with 9 pyramids along the coast… Interdimensional roadways and who knows what other anomalous psi-tech.
  9. Kazakhstan is the deep state/Secret Space Program capitol city Astana… But entire country is central to their plan. Highly secret and full of most advanced tech.
  10. Yes they were planning the Covid bioweapon and the nano graphene oxide was already in our food, water and even our clothes years in advance. Trump had no choice if he wanted to be the Republican nominee to run for President.
  11. What kind of deal has been struck between the Secret Space Program (that commands the technology said to be 10,000 years in advance of what we have on surface Earth, miles of underground cities and contains numerous ET bases and tunnels leading to secret places such as the Inner Earth races occupying cities and sanctuaries … going into Shambhala and lesser known places. Wonderous civilizations that rarely if ever interact with surface humans…Undersea bases and civilizations such as Mu and the Mer people who also live in undersea colonies and are sometimes in battles with our Navy especially when one of theirs is captured in the Navy nets or their waters are poisoned….
What I want is for the White Hat to wake people up not by lying to them and giving them a substitute narrative for the lies the NWO deep state tell but to tell people the ungarnished truth.

EBS … EAS …its replacement….EAS (Emergency Alert System) does not sound like the same thing… one is a broadcast the other is an “alarm”.

We are NOT AT WAR WITH RUSSIA. RUSSIA IS OUR ALLY … which means China is our Ally… at least the part of the Chinese gov run under Xi….

Both China and the US are split. Be careful not to confuse the two.


One might ask why the white hats were so late on the Ohio train chemical bomb… letting it get so far… And why they are letting the Dark Side destroy our food supply anyway. This is a MILITARY ISSUE.

If anyone thinks destroying our food supply is going to make more people vote for Trump they are crazy…. They could have caught these people RED-HANDED NUMEROUS TIMES BUT THEY DIDN’T ..IT CONTINUES. SABOTAGE OF OUR COUNTRY IS RAMPANT. Why?

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