Mar 8, 2023

🎴🔮😊 (Sweden - spider in the web? NO! Prince Charles become king! If, so, not long!) Viewers' Questions for 5th of March 2023 (Editors' Note: this time, Izabela, will use tarot cards, tarot dice, oracle cards and hungarian gipsy fortune telling cards) ~ |

Subtitles in many different languages are found under the icon " Settings" in the right corner of the video. 

Izabela is doing a readings on viewers' questions. 

00:02:15 Will the older generation see the world change for the better in their lifetime?
00:10:10 Will the former president of USA return in office?
00:17:43 Will there be a cure to the "new treatment"?
00:23:14 Will there be an earthquake in Algeria? 
00:28:30 Will the crown prince Charles become king?
00:34:34 Is Sweden a spider in the web?

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