Feb 27, 2023

😍➤🤡 (Oh Re-he-he-heally?) WHITE HATS CONTROL THE MEDIA ~ Feb 27, 2023 (SoTW; #NO 1 Top Trending on Bitchute) ~ |

Editor's Note: Perhaps WH are in control? And GREAT if they are - then show me please! Consider White Hats similar to Back-end servers development of core structure, system, data, and logic. It's the inner world or engine room where the 3-D matrix is reprogrammed, so it can be readied for, The New Golden Age. Some say WH's has been here for 20-30 yrs. Front-end servers is us Earthlings in dire straits for changes that focuses on the visual aspects of a representation in the outer world. Ready for reset, doesn't mean, the bottom has been pushed. As a Capricorn and very grounded person with 20+ yrs experienced old guy invested into the Truth-movement with no more traumas, ego and defenses to protect, sooo I require, some hard evidence in the outer world, so I'm able to explain it to my 80' yr old mother. 

Just because, bluewater says, 'Woody Harrelson's got Big Pharma Media in damage control mode after his SNL monologue', do you really think, they will stop killing us with Kvaksine KillSh0ts and toxic medicine? 

Just because, Karine Jean-Pierre accused of 'Freudian slip', could be considered a WH asset, do you think the Deep state or shadow government will lay down their arms? 

Just because,Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporters claimed that the US government believes the Covid-19 pandemic most likely originated in a Chinese laboratory, do you think the White House will agree? 

Just because, Seymour Hersh’s Nord Stream claims points to USA, don't think 'trolls' wouldn't picks holes from now on to descent into hell. 

Just because, Monthly Zodiac Spread by Janine says 4 weeks, financial crash is imminent, that it cannot be altered, by Black Hats... 

Just because, Danish PM Mette F. and Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark are crying in Christiansborg Palace Chapel due to a eight-year-old Ukrainian who came to Denmark in April of 2022, while his father is still fighting against Russian forces on the front line, it surely could be all fake... | 

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