Feb 27, 2023

🎴🔮😊 (Does Galactic Federation exist? At war w/ reptilians controlling Earth?) Tarot by Izabela: Viewers' Questions for 26th of February 2023 ~ |

Editors' Note: this time, Izabela, will use tarot cards, tarot dice, oracle cards and hungarian gipsy fortune telling cards. Upcoming videos for February 2023:  New leader in NZ? The Blood countess Bathory - Vampirism - Connecting the Dots Prediction on Austria... | 

Izabela is doing a readings on viewers. questions.

00:04:40 Who - The new World Leader? 
00:13:50 Is there a Galactic Federation?
00:22:12 15 min Cities - Here to stay or soon to go? 
00:31:31 Will the "Evil Ones" be eliminated before they destroy the Earth? 
00:39:10 How many are "Awake"?

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