Feb 24, 2023

๐ŸŽด๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’– (2023 graceful year: Soft disclosure weather manipulations + E.T. presence) Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings: New Earth Tarot Live! Episode #13" ~ Feb 24, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: P.S. Brackets "( )" is always SoTW commenting. (Brad Johnson normally channels Adronis and more, not this time). Acc. to Brad, Black-Hats cannot use HAARP anymore, since White-Hats has 100% control over worldly HAARP facilities. However, the winter storm to hit America right now was created by Black-Hats operations (by Pentagon by Israel and its ultra-secret) scalar weapons program forcing Artic cold down to Nord America, acc. to Brad. He also talk about E.T. Extraterrestrials. We're going to see more Soft disclosure on Weather modification comin gout in 2023, he says. He also talks abt a lot more exposure and revealing E.T. presence exciting news to come. And that will lead us down the road to eventually E.T. contact. At the 23 minute maker Brad takes Q&A from his audience, but before that he talks abt UK STONEHENGE & KUNDALINI AWAKENING TOUR 2023 WITH BRAD JOHNSON at wowtours.de. which is sold out of course. Buuuutt, a Full tour package for one persons in a single bed cost 1,890.00 which is DKK 16.000 danish kroner  + flight + food extras. OMG - ARE U KIDDING ME! Who the heck can afford that??? I'm a bit disappointed abt the cost on specials events, sessions, conferences and fee, to join in the quest for spiritual enlightenment, engaging w/ light-minded ppl to gain knowledge and support. The cost of living is becoming unbearable... |  

Chicago flight cancellations today: Thousands of flights disrupted due to winter storm warning across US - ABC7 Chicago

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