Jan 17, 2023

💝 (The Spiritual Awakening Jolt: H-S predictions - Joe-the-Moe is gone, petrodollars = zero and MSM reports of E.T. landings in Europe) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Jan 17, 2023 (SOTW; Tomorrow or the day after, I will add my conversation in raw format I got from my own H-S predictions, through my Holistic, Naturopathic & Kinesiologist Doctor - Body, Mind, & Spirit! And let me tell you - Flat Earth is a no-go (my H-S is NOT "Dumbed-Down") and months of February and March has so many possible signs of Spiritual Enlightenment & Awakening factors, I could cry of joy. Many of us are becoming aware of "changes" happening within our lives that just can't be explained. These Strange shifts in time are happening as we raise our spiritual awareness and become more Unity Conscious. We are stepping out of the old paradigm and entering a higher state of being. Most of us thought of the shift as being a massive event that would change everything in an instant. But this theory is just not panning out. It seems we are each entering Timelines which suits our vibration awareness) ~ |

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